Capitalists Keep Supplying Magazines With Antiquated Gender Stereotypes

How many women’s magazines are there exactly?

There many women's magazines. It would be high time to put these magazines to the dustbin of history.
Apparently, all women have very stereotypical names and are blonde and blue-eyed.

Whenever my parents go on holiday, my mum makes sure she has reading material. This is usually in the form of a stack of women’s magazines, such as the one above. Today, I accompanied my dad, as he was securing a fresh supply for her.

In the Kiosk, I started wondering about several things.

  • Are all women blonde and have blue eyes?
  • Is it true, that all women care about is fashion, cooking, diets, and haircuts?
  • How many women’s magazines are there exactly?
  • Why do all these magazines have stereotypical female names? Lisa, Laura, Lea, Elle, Birgitte, … .
  • Is there any men’s magazine called “Peter”, “John”, or “Steven”?

I tried to find some statistics. What I could find was incomplete. Counting the Wikipedia list tells me there are at least 50 German-speaking magazines. And I know, the list is not complete. Because some of the ones that my mum seems to read are not on the list. Next time, I pass by a Kiosk, I will count them all. Just for fun. (Update: I counted. My local kiosk has 45.)

That in itself is a testament to how wasteful capitalism is. All of these magazines have exactly the same content.

  • Hairstyling tips
  • Fashion recommendations
  • Celebrity gossip
  • Diet advice
  • Cooking and Baking recipes
  • Advice columns

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