By Condemning Julian Assange, The West Cements Their Hypocrite Stance on Human Rights

They are determined to let anyone exposing western war crimes face torture and rot in jail forever

Press conference held by Stella Morris and her Lawyer after Patel’s decision to extradite Assange

In the last couple of months, western news bombarded us. They talked incessantly about violations of press freedom in Russia. Understandable. Because the narrative says that Russia is the evilest empire that ever existed. It is very convenient then, that we are the good guys. Our values are not relevant when it comes to our own actions. British home secretary Priti Patel made this clear. She decided to extradite Julian Assange.

The decision cements the central tenet of the west. If anyone dares to document western war crimes, they will face hell and even torture. What is also noticeable is, how quiet the western journalists are about it. I guess it is too uncomfortable to talk about that they are the prolonged arm of the U.S. empire. And not the objective, truth-seeking institution they believe they are.

If they were, they would be condemning this outright attack on press freedom. They would also condemn the torture conditions Assange has suffered so far. These aren’t my words. These are the words of a special rapporteur for the UN on torture and medical experts.

If You Don’t Find the Julian Assange Case Worth Criticizing, You Should Stay Quiet About Human Rights

Protesters demand the release of Julian Assange.
Alisdare Hickson, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Don’t come at me with the Whataboutism charge. On second thought, bring it. But it will not stick. You know that this attack on Press Freedom is real. What you also know is that Assange will never face a fair trial. You know that western leaders and pundits tried to shut up about it. Take Germany’s foreign minister Annalena Baerbock. During her campaign, she stated her support for Julian Assange. She even advocated for his immediate release. She turned away from that opinion faster than you can say “hypocrite”.

This whole tale about western values is unbelievably fake. How can you believe Biden’s speech on press freedom? While he at the same time moves forward with this prosecution. I don’t know, what compelled Priti Patel to sign off on the release. But it sure wasn’t any concerns for press freedom or human rights. I guess it was a desire to remain in good standing with the U.S. post-Brexit.

Willy Wonka does not believe torturing Julian Assange is a demonstration of human rights activism.
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Below, I once again post the video that the U.S. is so upset about. It shows U.S. soldiers committing war crimes by firing at civilians and journalists. As much as it upsets me that Julian Assange will likely face more torture in U.S. jails. And yes, solitary confinement is classified as torture. Julian Assange faces 175 in jail for posting this video.

All I can do is continue to write about it. To keep posting. And to call out the hypocrisy of the western empire, whenever I can.

The prosecutors promised that he would not be put in solitary confinement. But then again, the U.S. also promised to close the torture facility in Guantanamo Bay. So, any promise on the human rights front coming from the U.S. is not trustworthy.

Anyway, here is the video. Enjoy the show. When you finish watching, tell me again about western love for human rights.



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