Red-Pill Males Aren’t Masculine At All

Masculinity is about more than what red-pill content talks about

Masculinity includes taking a care of body AND mind.
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Maybe this post is taking a bit of rant style, but these thoughts have been crossing my mind a lot lately. And the best way to deal with recurring thoughts and ideas is to write about them. So now I am providing you with some opinions on bitter red pill content.

Granted, they flooded my social media feeds, because I started to drift hard in that direction. This happened when I was still active on dating apps. It is definitely an experience I will leave out, should I become single again. That scenario is off the table for now, thank god. The thing is though, as I entered my current relationship, I had to confront a lot of toxicity on my end of the stick. Look, I get it. It would be much nicer if the people we date didn’t have baggage. In the real world, though most people my age have some of that baggage. Irrespective of gender. We all have stories of regrets, failed partnerships, and missed opportunities. Trauma is also something many of us deal with. Even we don’t acknowledge it.

Taking Care of Yourself Includes Your Mental Health

If you are a guy, here is a masculine thing to do. Take responsibility for the emotional baggage you carry around yourself. 

This is what I fail to see in the manosphere content. Yes, the Andrew Tates of the Internet talk about working on yourself. They tell us to go to the gym, get a decent job, look sharp, and get our finances sorted. This is important life advice for anyone, really. Again, this applies to men and women alike. They are important pillars of a healthy, fulfilled life.

But here is what those bitter, red-pill males never talk about. To get your emotional baggage sorted out. Deal with your trauma. Work on your learned, toxic behaviors. No guys, modern women are not saying you are not allowed to be angry. But they do not want to suffer the abuse of you shouting and screaming at them. It is your job to deal with your anger issues, even if it is hard. Trust me, I know. 

To Get out of the Red-Pill Zone, You Need to Stop Taking Things Personally

Here is a lesson I learned far too late in my life. You know your relationship is healthy, when you don’t have to prove your worth as a man all the time. But you know what? Your assumption that you do creates a lot of unnecessary drama. Not every negative comment about your behavior from a woman is a personal attack on your manhood. 

That is what creates a lot of unnecessary drama in your relationships. Stop taking things personally. If you don’t want to take it from me, take it from a mental health professional instead. 

It is time for red-pill guys to grow up. To start taking responsibility for their emotional health. That is not the job of the women in your life. Even if these women want to be stay-at-home moms, that you desire.

Red-Pill Content Sucks at Encouraging Men to Take Responsibility for Their Emotional Health

To be honest, I am flabbergasted how much this side of the equation gets ignored in the manosphere. I think that Jordan Peterson, a psychologist, is the worst therapist I can imagine. He is right in saying that your feelings do not equate to reality. I give him that. What he sucks at is advising his male followers to address and work through their feelings. Not blame everything on women and the feminist movement.

Yes, there are some women who are shallow and superficial. And some toxic ones want to take advantage of you and use you as their purse. The likelihood that you encounter them on dating apps is very high. It is also very likely for women to encounter men who send them unwarranted d**kpics on these apps. I mean, seriously, guys? It is because most people who use these apps in the hope of finding romance are the ones with the most baggage. Because to put yourself out there in real life will expose their insecurities. And others will call them out on their toxic behaviors. Gender does not matter in this.

Take Responsibility for Everything

I am exaggerating a little. And I do understand how terrible it feels to be a lonely guy who cannot find a good partner. I was there. It is a very dark hole. And I understand, why personas like Andrew Tate and Jordan appeal to you. But they are not the full answer to your problem. You must acknowledge, which of your behaviors are not working in your favor. Shouting, bragging, and raging about how women ruin everything for you are not. 

The masculine thing to do is to start to take responsibility for everything in your life. And that includes more than your physical shape, finances, and job. It also includes your emotional well-being and sorting out your baggage. Bitter red pill behavior isn’t masculine at all.



I am from Germany but have spent more than half of my life in Denmark, and other places abroad. I have a background in teaching, both youngsters and adults. I am interested in a wide field of things, which I love to teach and write about. Sustainability, technology, politics, social change, and mental health are just some examples.

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