When the West Strikes, Nobody Is Concerned About International Law

Did you notice that no western journalist even asks about it?

U.S. drone strikes are a violation of international law.
Image by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay 

So, the U.S. conducted another drone strike on foreign territory. They killed a suspected terrorist leader without due process. And our media is cheering. Despite the fact that the U.S. again violated international law.

This is the definition of hypocrisy. Western leaders claim that they care about human rights and international law. They rightly criticize Russia for launching an invasion of Ukraine. Whenever the U.S. or one of its allies commits atrocities, they stay silent. And all the western journalists join them.

There Are Too Many Violations of International Law to Count

But let us start with the drone strikes. The fact of the matter is, that the war in Afghanistan ended a year ago. When the western coalition made their sorry exit from Afghanistan. The war ended at that point. The drone strike was a military operation. It was not sanctioned by the Afghan government. Therefore, it is a violation of Afghanistan’s territorial integrity.

You don’t need to have sympathies for Aiman al-Zawahiri. You shouldn’t. But 2 wrongs do not make a right. It was an extrajudicial execution. Which is illegal under both international law and U.S. law.

The drones need the German air base in Rammstein to operate. Meaning, that Germany is complicit. The U.S. committed countless such drone strikes. Many times, they killed innocent civilians in the process. How many times did you see western leaders call for sanctions?

We Look the Other Way When It Is Convenient

Turkey has been busy, while we had all our eyes on Ukraine.

They were killing civilians and launching attacks on Kurdish villages in Syria and Iraq. The argument, that Erdogan uses to justify his attacks is the same that Putin used to invade Ukraine.

But there is a major difference. NATO needs Turkey to agree on expanding NATO once again. So, politicians and the media stay silent on this one. Not once did this story receive a mention in the news feeds. Our allies can violate international law as much as they like. Hey, we’re the good guys, remember?

Germany is desperate for new suppliers of natural gas. So they are kissing the hands of Middle-Eastern regimes. They even deliver weapons to aid these regimes’ genocide campaigns in Yemen.

Our Inability to Call out Western Violations of International Law Enables Dictators

Here is an inconvenient truth. Putin did not become who he was alone. The west helped him. Because we never wanted a serious discussion about western atrocities. We never put western war criminals on the stand. Failing to do so, we gave up all credibility for human rights and international law.

Putin and other dictators are copying the western playbook. Erdogan knows, he can kill Kurdish children with no repercussions. The Saudi Government knows, that they can kill journalists and no one will ever go after them. All they have to do is to deliver a bit of oil and lick the boots of the west from time to time.

This is also why they cannot get the majority of the world population to join the sanctions against Russia. Because most countries outside the western hemisphere know the truth. That talk about human rights and international law is bullsh*it. They experienced firsthand, what the west really thinks of these concepts.

Western journalists are complicit. Because they never press western leaders on their violations of international law. They are not doing journalism at all. They are just acting as PR departments. It is always easy to criticize others. But the moral high ground is calling out and taking ownership of your own failings. Western leaders never did.



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