No, I Will Not Leave My Profession as An Essential Worker

Teachers are essential workers. And like all essential workers, we get treated like sh*t. But I still want to keep teaching.

I understand, why many essential workers are leaving.
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I am not the only one, who has been writing about the poor state of our education system.

Some time ago, I wrote this piece

I still stand by what I wrote. The only thing that changed is my writing skill level.

The fact is that teachers get terrible treatment in our society. If you want to know how bad, Jessica Wildfire can give you a grizzly insight.

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My Name is Alexander Benesch, but it is okay to just address me with Alex. I am from Germany but have spent more than half of my life in Denmark, where I have been teaching special needs students, among many other activities. I write about education and teaching, provide tips for teachers and lesson materials, and blog about educational technology. I also offer my tutoring services via the blog. I am passionate about teaching and I have many thoughts and opinions about pedagogy, education, and social issues. I believe that our education systems need a major revolution to be fit for the challenges that humanity faces in the 21st century. That is why I decided to write about it.

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