Man and Nature – a complex relationship. Lesson 1 – Hunters and gatherers

I uploaded some new lesson materials. They are part of a series of lessons. I designed them for a project week at my former school. The first lesson is about hunters and gatherers.
The idea behind these theme-based lessons is to study the relationship between man and nature. The original materials were written in Danish. I have started to translate and rework them. In this way, I hope they can be used for a more international audience.

The first lesson is about hunters and gatherers
Picture from Andy Maano via Wikimedia Commons.

I have long been a proponent of theme-based lessons. Therefore, I provide these materials for inspiration. If you are looking for courses for adults, check out my course about military and environmental destruction.

There are a total of 8 lessons. Each of them has its own focus. They build on top of each other. However, each lesson can be used in its own right.

The three first lessons deal with the historical perspective. I will update the links in the lists, as I manage to upload the lessons.

We will learn how the way of life shaped our ecosystems and how humans interacted with nature throughout history.

The next three lessons are about studying how humans can live and produce more sustainably. For this, we study important technologies and future perspectives.

  • Food production
  • CO2
  • Waste

Each lesson has theory and practice elements. The practice elements can be in the form of

  • investigations,
  • interviews
  • experiments
  • designing products

The last two lessons are used for preparing and holding a public evaluation exam.

About section 1: Hunters and gatherers

This is the first lesson in the series. We will learn how early humans lived. We also learn how they shaped the environment through their way of life. Finally, we will learn about key technologies, like fire. The lesson finishes by learning about the science behind fire.

The target group for all lessons is grade 4 – 6.

You can download the PDF with the materials below.

Man and nature – a complex relationship: Section 1 – Hunters and gatherers

Let me know, if and how you used the lessons. I am always happy to receive feedback.



I am from Germany but have spent more than half of my life in Denmark, and other places abroad. I have a background in teaching, both youngsters and adults. I am interested in a wide field of things, which I love to teach and write about. Sustainability, technology, politics, social change, and mental health are just some examples.

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