An introduction to this blog

Let me introduce myself properly. After all, you have read some of my posts, so you deserve to know about the blog and the writer behind them.

This blog was started in October 2021. And it was a result of a major life shift. I have been a teacher for 16 years and counting and I love my profession. But like for many others, the last 2 years have been challenging.
For most of my teaching career, I have been lucky to work in a school with a holistic approach.

We need a revolution in education. That is the main motivator for this blog.

But my students were not the ones you meet in ordinary classrooms in Denmark. My students were the hidden ones, that only turn up as numbers in the statistics. We could call them drop-outs, or whichever term you prefer.
They were the students left in the dirt by an education system, that can not embrace the students with all their different backgrounds, cultures, and challenges.

I loved my work. But it was taking its toll on my mental health. The pandemic made it worse. And I also went through a hard battle with danish immigration authorities, who did not think that my Brazilian wife deserved to stay in the country.

The situation was getting worse

I also noticed something else. The authorities were getting more and more determined to streamline schools like ours, to make them “ordinary”.
And the students were feeling the brunt of it. I noticed that more and more students came into my classroom with severe depression, anxiety issues, and completely broken lives. Much more than when I started 16 years ago.

I decided to change the game. So I quit my job. And I decided to move country. But I did not give up on the vision of a different education system, that can serve all students. Not just a few, resourceful ones. So, I started a blog.

The blog as a way of spreading ideas

I realized, that if we want an education revolution, we need to get more voices out there. I had many ideas about this matter and a lot of experiences. Many of my colleagues were seeking my advice. I decided to try and write about it. This blog could become my outlet for these ideas.
Through my work as a teacher, I actually write a lot for all kinds of purposes (mostly to satisfy some school authorities), and I realized that I actually enjoy it.

The blog should serve as a source for inspiration

I believe, that we need a whole new way of looking at education. Where our children learn to be in harmony with our planet. And where everyone can be the best version of themselves. The world is complex and it is time we realize this in our education systems, also.

I have, over the years, together with my colleagues tried to address many of those issues in our classrooms and schools. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to be in schools, where I had substantial freedom to try out new pedagogical ideas and approaches and to make a difference in many young people’s lives.

Many of our practices had the foundation in a wide variety of learning theories, philosophies, and scientific research, as well as our own observations.

I have a big desire to share many of my thoughts. I, therefore, decided to try and combine my newfound passion for writing with this desire. Hopefully, the blog can give you some inspiration as well.

I believe that the future of our education systems should be a concern for all of us because I truly think that the future of humanity rests on how and what we teach our children.



I am from Germany but have spent more than half of my life in Denmark, and other places abroad. I have a background in teaching, both youngsters and adults. I am interested in a wide field of things, which I love to teach and write about. Sustainability, technology, politics, social change, and mental health are just some examples.

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