The Forces That Shape Our Education System – Course Materials

There are many forces that shape our education system
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What are the forces that determine how our education system looks and functions? Why does our education system look like it does? Has it always been this way? Will it be like this for eternity?

These are excellent questions for a teacher to ponder upon.

There is an article with the above title on this website. It is the result of a workshop, which I held for a summer camp at DNS – The Necessary Teacher Training College in Denmark.

“DNS” is an abbreviation for “Det Nødvendige Seminarium” which is Danish for “The Necessary Teacher Training College”. Their idea is to train progressive personalities who are able to understand and respond to the many challenges of our times. For this reason, our 4-year Bachelor’s Programme aims to enable its students to become global citizens and proficient educators, able to act and meet the challenges of the future.

Since DNS was established in 1972, over 1.000 graduates have played an important role in bringing equitable quality education to children and youth, as well as in all sorts of other projects and development programs worldwide.

I got intrigued when they asked me to hold this workshop. I find it very necessary as a teacher to explore the forces that shape our education system.

If you want me to host this workshop for you, you are welcome to contact me. But as usual, I have chosen to publish the course materials here as a PDF. At a later point, I will also publish it as an online course on my course platform. But I can not give any realistic timeframe for that at the moment.

If you have questions or feedback about this workshop, drop me a message. I will do my best to answer you promptly.

Anyway, here is the PDF file of the workshop.

Forces that change our education system – Course Materials (PDF)



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