Western Media Is in a Frenzy About the Titan Sub Incident

It exposes, what the western values really are.

OceanGate's Cyclops 1, the predecessor of the Titan sub. The Titan sub had a 380 mm (15 inch) window.
OceanGate’s Cyclops 1, the predecessor of the Titan sub. The Titan had a 380 mm (15 inch) window.
Image by Isabeljohnson25CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In the last week, all western news outlets cleared their frontpages. The reason is, they needed to make space to report on a horrible tragedy. Five billionaires had decided to pay a hefty sum to visit the wreck of the Titanic on the Titan sub. Because they were bored and didn’t know what else to do with their money. Unfortunately for them, they became a victim of capitalist ideals. The same ideals they themselves relentlessly lobbied our governments to pursue. Complete deregulation, and putting profit above all else, especially safety .

Well it turned out, that the Titan sub was nothing more than a piece of junk. Put together with components that were probably bought at Dollar General. In other words, it was not fit for the journey it was sent on.

This post could have ended here. But there is much more to unfold in this story. For instance abot the media reaction. Which in itself is another example of the hypocrisy regarding western values.

Thousands of Poor, Dark-Skinned People Who Drown Do Not Get a Fraction of the Media Attention the Titan Sub Billionaires Do

Guess what. A boat that capsized on June 14 had a death toll of 85 people so far. These victims received no media attention. They also didn’t get a multi-million dollar rescue operation. Nobody held any press conferences every few hours to keep us updated about the situation. In fact, hardly anybody knows that it happened at all. So what is the difference? Why do we not talk about the 85 souls who lost their lives in the Meditarranean sea? And why do we give endless attention to the billionaires, who drowned in the Titan sub?

Well, there are several notable differences.

  • The victims who drowned in the mediterranean sea were not billionaires. Instead, they were poor people who happened to flee their homes. Thy lived in the same countries, that western armies bombed to smithereens.
  • These 85 souls also happened to be non-white. Therefore their lives had inferior value according to western moral standards.
  • The billionaires willingly placed themselves in a dangerous situation. They even signed waivers that informed them of the possibility of death. And the company owner of OceanGate openly boasted about how little he cared about safety. As long as it brings him profits. On the other hgand, the refugees had no other option than to try and rebuild their lives elsewhere. And were not at all informed about the real risk involved by their smugglers. Instead these smugglers exploited their vulnerable situation for profit.

By no means do I not think it is tragic, that the 5 billionaires gave their lives. My sympathy goes out to them and their families. But does not mean, that I don’t find it an injustice how little regard we give to the plight of 102 million refugees. Instead, our media is only focused on 5 billionaires for a full week. What this shows is, what western values really are about.

Western Media Cherises Greed and Billionaires Who Exploit Others

This is what makes it so ridiculous, whenever anybody mentions western values. Instead of listening to those words, it is better to pay attention to how our leaders and journalists act. Who do they cheer for? Who do they give near limitless attention to?

For some reason, it is always the billionaire class. The same billionaires, who rob us of our taxes to put them in tax havens, and who exploit the workers. And let there be no doubt. If there was no legislation, the Titan sub incident shows how much a human life is really worth in the name of profit. Even if that life belongs to a billionaire. A billionaire, who paid 250.000 US$ for the inconvenience of drowning to death.